All year you’ve taken care of your lawn. Mowed it, watered it, fertilized it, and took care of the weeds. Protect your investment, and don’t let your hard work through the year be wasted. It is time to put down your second application of Jonathan Green Winter Survival. The well balanced formula, is perfect for winter feeding to keep your lawn greener later into the year. Iron, sulfur and 30% slow release nitrogen helps to keep the lawn a deep-green color even in the cold months. An advanced formula that promotes root growth and stores nutrients for the spring. It also contains humates for root development.

Haven’t done your first application of Winter Survival yet? No problem! Put it down today with some lime to get it activated quicker, then be sure to mark your calendar and put your second application down the week of Thanksgiving!

Your lawn will be ready for the harsh winter months, and will look amazing through dormancy while your neighbors lawns look dead. Come early spring, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood and you’ll start 2016 off on the right foot.

Winter Survival Lawn Care - Jonathan Green

Winter Survival Lawn Care – Jonathan Green

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