We get questions all the time as to when folks should install their nursery stock, the answer is simple, the Fall!

Here’s a two big reasons why.
-The Fall is has cooler temperature than Spring and Summer so the plants require less water making it easier on you. When installing in Fall watering of plants should be done with a sprinkler (to simulate rainfall and allow the plant to breath and drink), 1-2 times a week for about 2 hours each time. Opposed to in the Spring/Summer months which require you to water with sprinkler 3-4 (sometimes more depending on heat) times a week for 2 hours.
-Plants start to go into winter dormancy in the fall, so they fell less of a transplant shock. Transplant shock when the plant becomes stressed from the root ball being disturbed, undernourishment, dehydration, and not properly acclimating to it’s new environment.  Consequently the plant becomes poorly established in the landscape.

Need more help with installation? Give us a call at Green Acres, 215-822-3334 or stop in. We’d be happy to help you pick a tree/shrub that would suite your home. We also provide installation services for Bucks and Montgomery County.

Fall is for Planting