Bulk Mulch, Stone & Topsoil

Anytime is a great time to re-mulch flower beds to give them a fresh look and to give your plants an extra layer of protection from the harsh winter months and hot humid summers! We carry a vast array of different mulches to please everyone’s taste and needs and carry them in both bagged and bulk for your convenience.

Take advantage of our bulk mulch deliveries! We deliver 7 days a week and it’s as simple as one phone call. We carry five types of mulch in bulk:

  • Black Dyed Mulch – $30.00/yard when ordering over 5 yards. Organically dyed mulch that has long lasting dark black color
  • Black Gold Mulch – $30.00/yard when ordering over 5 yards.Organic mulch with compost and sludge, perfect for adding nutrients to your beds or creating a garden
  • G/A Mix Mulch– $30.00/yard when ordering over 5 yards. Have the best of both! This special blend is a Green Acres Exclusive. We mix the Black Dye and Black Gold together so you have nutrients and long lasting black color
  • Triple Ground Mulch – $30.00/yard when ordering over 5 yards. Hardwood oak mulch is perfect for a natural dark brown color
  • Red Dyed Mulch – $32.00/yard when ordering over 5 yards. Organically dyed red to give you a beautiful contrast in color throughout your mulch beds

**All Bulk mulches are also sold in bags**

There is a nominal delivery charge based on your location, or you can come into our store and pick up the mulch yourself.

Bulk Screened Dry Topsoil– $35.00 a yard. Best Topsoil around! Our Topsoil is kept in it’s own building to stay protected from the weather and debris. It is screened and always dry making it easy to work with on your project. We also carry Topsoil by the 40lb bag for only $1.79 each.

Bulk Stone- We carry several types of bulk stone available for pick up and delivery.

  •  River Rock 1″-3″ & 4″-6″ – $52.00/ton- Natural River Rock taken from river banks gives you a beautiful mix of color and sizes.
  • Red Tipple 3/4″– $37.00/ ton
  • Grey Tipple 3/4″ Clean & Modified– $38.00/ton clean, $32.00/ton modified
  • Grey Tipple 3/8″ Clean- $38.00/ton

** We carry all these stones in bags and more!**


Please call (215) 822-3334 to place your order or for any further questions about our Bulk or bagged products.