The harsh winter months are known for causing severe plant damage due to the freezing temperatures, harsh winds, ice, and snow. Winter damage can cause plants to look unhealthy, lose their leaves or even die.

So protect your plants through winter with ‘Wilt-Pruf’. It is a ready to use spray that you apply to all evergreen plants (plants that keep their foliage in the winter and are in danger of winter damage).

In the past, burlaping  was the way to protect your plants through the winter. But burlap is unsightly, hard to work with, gets blown off the plants, or gets weighed down by snow, rain and ice and can actually break your plant. Wilt-Pruf is your invisible burlap that will protect your plants while still keeping your landscape looking beautiful.

Shake the bottle, and spray all the foliage of your evergreens. It’s that simple! One application generally last 2-3 months but with frequent rain, and snow fall, we recommend spraying once a month to ensure full protection of your plants.

Stop in store and let us help you protect your landscape through the winter months and stop winter damage. We sell Wilt-Pruf in ready to use, and concentrate!

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