Tools & Chemicals

We believe in making life easier for our customers. That’s why we stock everything you’ll need to do your gardening. We carry shovels, rakes, clippers, trimmers, hand tools and much more!

We also stock hoses, sprinklers, hose connectors, watering winds, sprayers, and anything else you might need to keep those plants and lawns at their best.

Stop in and see our well-stocked selection of tools and garden supplies. You’ll be glad you did!!




Fungus is a big problem that can affect our plants throughout the seasons. High humidity is a perfect breeding climate in which fungus can grow. There are hundreds of different types of plant funguses out there. But not to worry! Our staff at Green Acres has years of experience diagnosing fungus problems.
Depending on the particular type of fungus your plant has, there are specific remedial products and solutions available in our store. Come in and let our experienced staff assist you in diagnosing the type of fungus your plant has, and finding the right remedy to totally eliminate this unpleasant problem.


What’s bugging you? If it’s insects, you’ve come to the right place! Our nursery specializes in diagnosing and eliminating insect problems.
In the hot weather, your trees and shrubs can be hit hard with Japanese beetles. We carry a product called Systemic Insect Killer which we highly recommend. It not only kills the bugs on contact, it also goes into the root system of the plants and helps guard the plant against future insect flair-ups. Systemic Insect Killer is one of our top selling products!
We also have the Ortho problem solving station where you can bring in the suspected bug, or a sample of a leaf that has been partially eaten. We can tell you exactly what is eating your tree or shrub and how to get rid of it!