Lawn Care

Fall and early spring are the perfect time for seeding or re-seeding! Cool temperatures and frequent rain showers help promote a faster and fuller seed growth. At Green Acres, our large selection of grass seed ranges from full sun, dense shade, fast grow and our premier grass seed: the Dark Star Perennials rye grass seed.

For fall planting, we highly recommend our Plymouth and Fall Magic grass seeds. These are very tough, draught-resistant grass seeds that do not die out over the winter and will work wonders on your lawn! .
All our grass seeds come from the Jonathan Green Grass Seed company, a family-owned and operated company just like Green Acres, and specially made for our climate here. It will give you that golf course looking lawn that you know you want!

We promote Jonathan Green Grass Seed over all other grass seeds because they have a far superior product to anyone else on the market right now. They have also created a very effective and easy to follow lawn care program that our customers find quite successful. They also make great lawn fertilizers and weed killers.

Whether you are seeding or re-seeding, we highly recommend applying our Winter Survival lawn fertilizer at the same time. The high levels of potash, phosphorus and other nutrients in this fall fertilizer has everything your lawn needs to awaken it and help carry it through the harsh winter months.

Stop by and talk to one of our lawn specialists. He will be happy to assist you in the appropriate selection of hardy grass seed and accompanying fertilizer, and answer any questions you may have.


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