Healthy Lawn Checklist (Traditional)

Custom Lawn Program
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Mid-March to Mid-April

  1. Frontier Grass Seed-Great time of year to start filling in those grass patches! Lightly loosen soil and sprinkle grass seed to areas. Water for 10 days with a sprinkler, and you’ll have a beautiful thick lawn in no time! This grass seed is made exclusively for Bucks and Montgomery County and thrives in rocky, clay-like soil. This stuff will literally grow on a brick!
  2. Jonathan Green New Seeding Fertilizer– Spread over your new seed to give it a boost, and a healthy start. This step is essential when starting a thick green lawn.
  3. Cal-Turf Lime– Lime helps to balance your soil’s pH. This will allow nutrients from the fertilizer to become easily absorbed by the roots, making your lawn greener and healthier. It’s pelleted and all natural!*Apply steps 1, 2 and 3 all in the same day*

    April to May

  4.  Jonathan Green Green-Up– Wake up your roots from winter dormancy with this step. To get that nice lush green color, just spread Green-Up on your lawn. Along with Nitrogen this special blend of Iron & Sulfur helps to make your lawn drought and disease resistant.
  5.  Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer With Green Up– To prevent Crabgrass from invading your lawn, it is critical to apply this product when the yellow forsythias are blooming. Typically apply around the end of March to early April. Jonathan Green’s special formula will not only just prevent crabgrass germination but will also fertilize your lawn. Just like in sports, the best defense is a good offense. Be proactive!*HOT DAY TIP*: Make sure you’re watering your lawn at least 3 times a week to prevent browning during summer heat!

    May to June

  6. Jonathan Green Weed & Feed– If you desire a dark green lawn and need to knock out some weeds, spread our Weed & Feed. It kills over 101 different types of broadleaf weeds and fertilizes at the same time.*Wait 4 weeks after seeding to apply this step.

    Mid-September to Mid-October

  7. Frontier Grass Seed– This is another great time of year to apply grass seed. We carry the exclusive Frontier Grass Seed that is specifically made for our area. The cool fall nights helps Frontier Grass Seed to germinate and become established quickly.
  8. Jonathan Green New Seeding Fertilizer– If applying grass seed, apply our New Seeding Fertilizer to boost your new lawn’s growth and health. Once again, very important in your goal of a beautiful lawn.
  9. Cal-Turf Lime– It is very important that your lawn is able to absorb the nutrients in your soil. Use a Jonathan Green soil test kit to see if fall Lime Application is needed. Most likely, it will be! Lime helps to balance your soil’s pH and build strong roots. It’s pelleted and all natural!*Apply steps 7, 8 and 9 all in the same day!*
  10. Jonathan Green Green-Up– Applying Green-Up in the fall is absolutely imperative. Applying this high nitrogen product during the fall will help feed roots rather than the grass blade. This makes your lawn stronger, denser, and will not increase blade growth. Yes, less mowing!
  11. Jonathan Green Weed & Feed– If you still have some pesky weeds and want to feed your lawn, apply Jonathan Green’s exclusive formula of Weed & Feed.*Wait 4 weeks after seeding to apply this step.*

    Late September to Mid-November

  12. Jonathan Green Winter Survival– To protect your lawn through dormancy apply our Winter Survival. It builds a strong root system so when the ground freezes your lawn wont get damaged. Expecting a harsh winter? Apply it twice! Once in September, and once in October or November!

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