1. How can I get an estimate from Green Acres?
    We provide FREE professional estimates for your outdoor project and its easy to do so. Just give us a all at (215) 822-3334, or simply stop into our store to set-up your appointments. On your first appointment our design will come to your home, they will listen to your needs and wants of how you want to beautify your home. They will take pictures and measurements of the areas you wish to improve and grasp a feel for your style and taste. Shortly thereafter, we will invite you back to our office where your designer will show and review your custom design they have created just for you. Lastly,our designer will make any changes or additions to your design upon your review. Then we schedule your start date. It’s just that easy!
  2. Are the estimates free?
    YES, our estimates are completely free.
  3. Do you work in my area?
    We are located in Colmar, PA and serve to the surrounding Bucks and Montgomery County towns.
  4. Do you deliver to my area?
    We are located in Colmar, PA and deliver to the surrounding Bucks and Montgomery County towns. To find out what your delivery charge is, just give us a call at (215) 822-3334
  5. What kinds of bulk mulches do you have?
    We carry 5 different kinds of bulk mulches. All are the same and price at $34 per yard, 5 or more $30 per yard. Buy in store and save more!

    1. Double Ground Hardwood Mulch (Natural brown in color, no dyes or additives)
    2. Red Dyed Hardwood Mulch (Naturally dyed Red in color, safe for you, pets, and the environment. A great accent color for any home!)
    3. Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch (Naturally dyed a dark Black- longest lasting colored mulch, wont fade or wash away, also safe for you, pets, and the environment)
    4. Black Gold Mulch (Natural Mulch which contains natural compost and sludge, great natural fertilizer to add to your landscape to give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive)
    5. G/A Mix Mulch (A beautiful blend containing half Black Dye, and half Black Gold, giving you the perfect balance of long lasting black color, and nutrients for your landscape)
  6. Are there any coupons or specials available?
    We always have different specials and deals each week. To see our weekly special check out our store sign, call us, or go to our coupon page to print out your savings. To save even more money, join our mailing list and receive savings throughout the year in the mail. Refer a friend who hasn’t shopped with us before, and when they join our mailing list, and make their first purchase, you will receive a coupon to use on your next purchase! There’s no limit to how many referrals you can have!
  7. Do you sub-contract your work?
    NO. All of our work is done by our own professional crews to ensure a top quality job every time. We want you to be comfortable and know that the team you have been working with to create your project, will be the team to complete your project.
  8. What are your store hours?
    We are open Monday through Saturday 8-5 everyday, and are open Sundays 10-4. We are closed for most major holidays, so please call us at (215) 822-3334, and find out when we can serve you next.
  9. Is your work guaranteed?
    YES. Our nursery stock is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of installation by Green Acres Nursery. If the material is not installed by our crew then there is no warranty. The warranty covers trees, shrubs, and perennials that die from natural poor health. Replacements are not warrantied.
  10. How much is it to install my tree?
    All nursery stock installations vary, depending on the size of the nursery stock, the amount and distance. All nursery stock installation costs include; delivery, digging the hole, lining the hole with compost to promote root growth, staking tree (if needed), mulching, and also the one year guarantee. Please call or stop in for more details.
  11. How do I plant my tree?
    For helpful step-by-step guide on how to install your tree just print our How To Plant guide.  If you have any further questions, please call us at (215) 822-3334 to speak with your knowledgeable team.
  12. Should I water my plants?
    For a helpful reminder sheet on how to water, please print our Watering Tips Guide. But a basic rule of thumb, is all newly installed trees and shrubs need to be water with a impulse SPRINKLER 3-4 times a week, for about 2 hours each time. This allows a sufficient watering for those deep roots and also the entire root ball to be nourished. Hand watering, bucket watering, hose end watering, gator bags, and all other ways to water are severely NOT recommended. They do not simulate a heavy rainfall, and create run-offs or drought like conditions under the soil, and browning and loss of material will occur.
  13. How can I fertilize my plants?
    Fertilizing your plants is easy. If your installing nursery stock, do so with compost and fresh topsoil. If your fertilizing your established plants use Hollytone or Treetone twice a year. It is an organic pelletized fertilizer which is easy to apply and can be used on all nursery stock. Just sprinkle, water, and your done! Best of all, we have something for everything. Flower-tone for annuals and perennials, Garden-tone for your vegetables, Rose-tone for your roses and more!
  14. My newly planted tree isn’t looking good, what should I do?
    The most common problem with newly planted nursery stock not looking good is under watering. Are your leaves browning, or getting crunchy? These are signs of water deficiency. What you want to do is cut off all the brown on the plant to take away the dead, so its energy and nutrients focus on what is healthy. Then up your watering! Make sure your watering with a sprinkler for at least 3-4 times a week for 2 hours each time, especially in the dry, hot summer days. For any other problems with your nursery stock like spots, holes, yellowing, please call us or stop into our store with a sample, so we can diagnose your problem and direct you on what to do. Use our Watering Tips Guide for helpful reminders.
  15. How do I know what to use on my lawn, and when should I use it?
    For helpful tips and reminders of what to use and when print out our Lawn Checklist Guide available both in Chemical and Organic Products. We also have a Lawn Care Seminar twice a year, once in Spring and once in Fall which is a great way to speak to the lawn care specialist, ask all your questions, and learn the tricks of the trade. Check our Calendar of Events to see when our next event is coming! Also, feel free to call our knowledgeable staff at (215) 822-3334 to help you with your questions.
  16. How can I stop the deer from eating all of my plants?
    Deer are a huge problem in Bucks and Montgomery County. They love to eat your favorite and prettiest plants, and ruin your garden. Stop deer naturally with our favorite product which we use at our store, and personal homes, Plantskydd. It is an all-natural deer, and small critter repellent available in both liquid and pellets. It is Rainproof and you only need to apply every 6 months. Create an invisible border line around your property, or protect the individual plants these hungry pests are targeting. Its easy, its safe and affordable! Buy in-store and save big! Also check our coupon page for savings on this great product!
  17. If I plant a tree or shrub, is it guaranteed?
    Green Acres does not warrant any plants installed by our customers. Only plants installed by our crews have a 1-year guarantee. Please call with any questions concerning a newly planted tree/shrub and Green Acres staff will be happy to assit you.
  18. What time of year can I plant my tree/shrub?
    Green Acres believes that Spring and Fall are the best times for planting. Although, summer and winter planting can also be achieved with exceptional results. For tricks on how to assure you plants will thrive, please use our Planting Guide or call us at (215) 822-3334.
  19. It’s Winter, can I still have Green Acres construct a Paver Patio, Walkway, or Retaining Wall at my house?
    Yes! Depending on ground temperature, Green Acres can most definitely install Pavers during the winter months. Our crew uses special techniques and methods to ensure a top quality job during this time of year.
  20.  How much is Green Acres’ installation cost?
    Our installation cost is approximately 75% of the cost of your material. Meaning if you purchase $200 worth of plants, the installation cost is about $150 to $200. The cost can vary depending on your location, and size of the materials. Our minimum is $150 for installation of material under $200.
  21. What does Green Acres’ installation cost include?
    The installation cost includes the transporting, digging, adding compost, mulching, staking (when required), and 1 year warranty from date of installation.
  22. Is there a warranty if Green Acres’ does not install my plants?
    No, only plants that are installed by Green Acres have a 1 year warranty. Please ask your installer about their warranties prior to purchase.
  23. What does Green Acres’ warranty include?
    Green Acres 1 year warranty includes store credit for trees, shrubs and perennials that perish from natural poor health. The cost of the plant can be applied to a new plant or in-store credit for purchase of goods. The credit can not be applied to open balances or any deliveries/installations. The credit is only for the cost of the plant. Labor costs are not included and labor costs can not be credited or refunded.
  24. What does Green Acres’ warranty exclude?
    Our warranty excludes plant death or failure due to acts of nature (such as drought, high winds, or flooding) vandalism, deer damage, insect or disease damage and negligence. Our warranty does not include labor or delivery for the replacement plant nor removal of the dead plant. If the customer needs removal of dead plants, and re-installation of new material, there will be a charge of the original installation cost. Replacement material does not come with any warranty.
  25. How can the homeowner protect their investment?
    Most importantly, watering new material properly is the best way to ensure plant survival. We recommend water 2-3 times a week for 1-2 hours with a sprinkler to simulate a rain fall. By doing so you allow the entire root ball of the plant to be fully hydrated. Watering should be done for the first 12 months of the plants new environment (excluding winter dormancy months). Also, applying a slow release granular fertilizer in the Spring and Fall can improve plants growth and health. If the customer starts to see any issues with the plant, you should call Green Acres so the issue can be identified and the proper course of action can be taken.
For Any Additional Questions Please Call Us At (215) 822-3334 And We Will Be Happy To Help.