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How to Plant Your Nursery Stock

Before planting make sure you choose a suitable plant for you and your home. Find out its characteristics, including how quickly and how large it will grow, how much maintenance it will require, and it’s tolerance to diseases, drought, and insects. Understand it’s growth habits, and the shape that your plant will have when it is mature. The key is the right plant in the right place. Ask a Green Acres employee to assist you.


How can I get an estimate from Green Acres? We provide FREE professional estimates for your outdoor project and its easy to do so. Just give us a all at (215) 822-3334, or simply stop into our store to set-up your appointments. On your first appointment our design will come to your home, they will listen […]


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Watering Guide

We hope you have enjoyed your time with us in picking out your new, beautiful plant material. To keep the plants healthy, we would like to remind you to WATER, WATER, WATER!!

Healthy Lawn Checklist (Organic)

Why Go Organic? Going organic for you lawn benefits more then just your grass. Going organic allows you to know that your children and pets are safe when playing out in the yard. Organic gardening helps to prevent a loss of topsoil, toxic runoff, water pollution, soil contamination, death of animals and eliminates pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide being an arms reach away from your family. To learn more about our full line of organic products for your entire landscape, ask one of our team members!

Healthy Lawn Checklist (Traditional)

Choose Which Steps Apply To You!