Fall is the best time to plant nursery stock because of the cooler temperatures. With dormancy approaching, plants don’t feel the transplant shock, and homeowners don’t need to worry about watering until the plants wake up in Spring.

So why are there so many fall nursery stock sales right now in the gardening industry? The answer is simple, they need to get rid of their junk that they weren’t able to sell in Spring. Beware when ‘taking advantage’ of these sales because most of these items are the left over plants that have problems or are too small to sell at regular cost so they become marked down and you think you are getting a great deal when really you are getting tricked into taking the junk off the retailers hands.

That’s why here at Green Acres, we stock our yard with fresh nursery stock only. We even just brought in over $5,000 worth of fresh material just this week from our farms. Buying fresh, healthy plants will pay out for you in the long haul. Instead of replacing the left overs that keep dying, or fighting diseases that you inherit from those discounted plants. Buy fresh, and enjoy your investment! Our prices are low, but our quality is high! Let us show you the difference! Stop in today and we will provide you with a free planting guide.

Fall is for planting - beware of fall nursery stock sales!

Fall is for planting – beware of fall nursery stock sales!